A Big Break

Dear Artist Friends...

Have you ever gotten a “Big Break”? I’m starting to think that most successful creatives would answer no to that question. That it is just an idea you dream about while in the early phase of your creative path.

Because honestly it seems like it would be so much easier (and faster) just to be discovered by a celebrity designer and suddenly be in demand by thousands of people. But I just don’t believe that is how it works.

I'm pretty sure even artists who appear to become successful overnight have put countless hours into their work and their business to bring on that success.

Small actions and steps that have led to that big break. So many hours that I don’t think they would consider it a big break at all. 

At this point in my career, where I have achieved several goals (like having my art in some of my favorite galleries) that I once thought impossible without a big break, I can look back and see all the baby steps I took to make them happen.

So I guess my point is I’m adding my name to the list of creatives that don’t believe in a big break. Instead I believe 100% in baby steps.

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