Is Instagram Worth Your Time?

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Instagram lately. Do I still use it? Do I think it’s worth my time? And my answer is yes, but it's a little more complicated than you might think. Here is why you should still use Instagram in 2023 and three tips on how you can make the most of it without letting it take over your life and to maybe even enjoy your time there.

I’m going to start with the assumption that if you’re here reading this, it's not because you love being on Instagram. If you did, you wouldn’t be questioning whether it's worth it or not, you’d just be over there posting away and enjoying the app. I get that. I myself don’t particularly love Instagram. I don’t always feel like sharing. And I often feel like I’m shouting into the void when no one even sees my posts. If you take a look at my profile you’ll see I’ve got fewer than 9000 followers today, and I’ve been on there since 2013. I’ve never been driven to amass a huge following, and yet my business is doing just fine. I don’t think you need Instagram, but I do 100% believe that I wouldn't be where I am in my art career without it.

#1: Instagram is still the best place online to share visual content.

There just isn’t another platform like it. And because art is such a visual medium, IG is the obvious place to post it. The format of IG is practically made for artists

#2: There is a huge supportive community of artists on Instagram.

As much as people complain about it, we’re still there. You can meet so many new artist friends, learn from them, share in their successes, support them in their failures. And they will do the same for you. In a world where its hard to find other artists dealing with the same kind of stuff you are, IG is a real treasure.

#3: IG is where gallerists, shop owners, influencers, and brands go to look for art and artists to work with.

I’ve been approached for all sorts of opportunities where the first place that person discovered me was Instagram. And, likewise, I’ve discovered a lot of designers and shops that I want to work with.

Did I convince you yet that you need to be there? If you’re thinking “OK, fine I see that need to be there, but I still won’t like it!” then see if these three tips help you convince that stubborn voice inside you that it’ll be ok.

First, think of your IG grid like a simple portfolio. This is honestly the easiest place to post your most recent paintings—way easier than updating your website. Just take good, clear photos of your work and let them live in your grid. No need to worry about fancy styling set-ups or props. Just let the beauty of your art be the focus. Share some photos of you at work in your space. Then use your caption to help the viewer connect to you or your work. Tell us what inspired you, what you love about it, or how it makes you feel. That’s all you need to do.

Second, batch your posts. You can use a social media management tool like Planoly or Later to plan and schedule a month’s worth of posts at a time. It will only take an hour or two and then you can forget about it for the rest of the month.

Third, don’t worry about likes or follows. If you stick to making and sharing beautiful art and showing your face on occasion you’ll be building a gorgeous portfolio that will serve you well in time. Share what you want to share, as often as you want to share it, and don’t give another thought to the algorithm. Use your time on Instagram to find other artists you admire and opportunities you’d like to pursue for your art. Think of it as the laziest kind of networking; you can literally do it from your couch in your pjs if you want.

I know this is probably not the Instagram advice you’re used to hearing. But if you don’t enjoy the hustle of growing an account on Instagram, I want you to find a way to make it work for you so you can still reap some of the benefits.

If you want to know more about where I really suggest you focus your time and energy inside your business you should check out my free masterclass on The Building Blocks of Your Business. 

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