Small Studio Spaces

Dear Artist Friends...
My studio is even more full this week than last. I didn’t think it was possible. I tend to work messy - with papers on the floor and tools left out - until I hit a wall. About once every 6 weeks I have to clean things up again and start over. I’m just about there... 

I am very lucky to have a studio in my backyard, but for years I complained that it was too small for me and that I needed a bigger studio. How could I possibly work on large canvases in such a small space? (10’x16’ for your reference.)

Well my attitude changed the day I visited my friend Laurie Buck in her studio. Her space is roughly the same size as mine, but not only is it the coziest, most welcoming space you can imagine, but she manages to work on large canvases just fine. Head over to her website or Instagram account to see some photos, but know that if you were to visit her in person there would be a comfy chair to rest in by the fireplace while you sipped tea from her lovely coffee/tea service cart. The point being there is always someone out there doing (much) more with less, and saying that I didn’t have enough room was just an excuse. My studio will never be as cozy as Laurie’s, but I have become more efficient and comfortable in my space. And I’m learning how to work smarter with what I’ve got. If you have any tips about working in a “small” studio let’s hear them please!

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