The Best Thing I've Done

Dear Artist Friends...

I often get asked by other artists about the best thing I’ve done for my art career. It is so hard to know where to invest your time and money when you’re also trying to focus on making and selling your art.

But I can look back and see that the most valuable thing I’ve done for my art and career is to invest in education and mentorship. My art improved immensely when I dedicated several months to learning from fellow abstract artist Nicholas Wilton. I probably could have made those improvements on my own, but it would’ve taken me longer and been much more frustrating.

I also made a big financial investment by joining a mastermind group for a year. But I learned so much from those women, and made connections that will serve me for years to come. When I was still figuring out how I was going to make a living as an artist I didn’t even know what was possible. I am still building my career (and will be for years I hope) but my eyes have been opened to the countless ways artists can bring in revenue these days. And now I can build my business thoughtfully with the guidance and experience gleaned from these artist friends. 

A few months ago I actually asked those ladies about one great thing they’d done in their own careers. If you want to read the answers, download the guide here. There’s some real gems, both large and small.

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