Jennifer Daily

On the Lawn - 36"x48"


On the Lawn - 36"x48"
On the Lawn - 36"x48" On the Lawn - 36"x48"

Size: 36x48 // framed in pine strip frame

Not all my best ideas have been met with wild enthusiasm. Like the time in college where my design professor organized an installation of cardboard cows in the lawn beside the design building. I attended UC Davis, an agricultural school famous for its fistulated cows, so I guess it made sense. The assignment was to create a life-size cow silhouette out of cardboard, paint it whimsically, and bring it to the lawn to stake in the grass. Well I decided to create my silhouette from the rear view. It was whimsical indeed. Seventy-five cows placed according to the instruction of the professor, and when he got to mine his entire body turned into one big scowl. He asked if I thought I was being funny and I said yes. He staked it to the ground with a “harumph” and gave me a C-. He was not my favorite professor.


Details: This is an acrylic mixed media painting on a 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas, framed in a simple pine strip frame. This piece will arrive wired and ready to hang. 

Shipping: I currently ship to the continental US and Canada only. If you live outside these areas please contact me to see if shipping to you is possibleEach painting is shipped out of my studio in Alameda, CA within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

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