Jennifer Daily Art

Polar - 36"x36"


Polar - 36"x36"
Polar - 36"x36" Polar - 36"x36"

Size: 36x36 // framed in pine strip frame

Here’s a thing about me. I’m really good at Pictionary. You might think that because I’m an artist I draw beautifully detailed Pictionary sketches. But that is far from the truth. My drawings are ugly stick-figures and rudimentary scribbles. My true strength lies in my ability to discern the essential idea of a word and draw that first. That is it. That is a true skill both in the game and in life... knowing what is essential to convey a thought, a feeling, a picture. This painting reminds me of some of the marks and gestures I would use to describe movement, action, then stillness. And of a story infamous in our family about the time the word was “Polar Bear.” Ask me about it if we ever meet in person.


Details: This is an acrylic mixed media painting on a 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas, framed in a simple pine strip frame. This piece will arrive wired and ready to hang. 

Shipping: I currently ship to the continental US and Canada only. If you live outside these areas please contact me to see if shipping to you is possibleEach painting is shipped out of my studio in Alameda, CA within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

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