Jennifer Daily Art

Signature - 36"x36"


Signature - 36"x36"
Signature - 36"x36" Signature - 36"x36"

Size: 36x36 // framed in pine strip frame

I didn’t realize when I was eight and learning to write my name in cursive that I was unknowingly making decisions about my signature and the way I would sign my name for the next 20 years of my life. When I got to be 16 or 17 I already hated it, but I couldn’t stop signing it. It was so very official. When I got married and took my husband’s name it was not lost on me that this was also going to be a chance to reinvent my signature. To make it feel more me. And to remove some extraneous letters. I spent hours exploring marks on lined notebook paper. Swoops and swirls, scratches and scribbles, until I came up with a mark that felt like me. I get the chills when I see the marks on this painting. They come onto the canvas so easily. Each one an exploration of what feels right. They make as much sense to me as my own signature.


Details: This is an acrylic mixed media painting on a 1.5" gallery-wrapped canvas, framed in a simple pine strip frame. This piece will arrive wired and ready to hang. 

Shipping: I currently ship to the continental US and Canada only. If you live outside these areas please contact me to see if shipping to you is possibleEach painting is shipped out of my studio in Alameda, CA within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

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