Jennifer Daily



…community …community

This is a 9"x12" mixed media painting on wood panel. It is framed in a beuatifully simple Doug-Fir strip frame and arrives ready to hang.


In the last few months I’ve taken to carrying a small stone in my pocket. Just one, smooth and heavy, is enough for my hands to register the weight. For me to wonder at the texture, the pattern, and the how and why. The forces that created it, shaped it smoothness, deposited on the banks of the river for me to find.

In a year that has been both incredibly difficult and amazingly beautiful I carry these stones as a reminder of all of the things I am so grateful for. And I painted these gifts into this collection so that I might share my gratitude with all of you. These paintings are small, each 9x12, to fit into a special corner of your life. A pocket where you might wonder at them every day. Each painting is named for something I have been incredibly grateful for this year. A reminder that even in a period of much darkness, there has been so much light.

This year I am grateful for

…family in all its forms

…strong women

…room for growth

…laughter in the halls

…great empathy



…morning walks



…saying yes